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Welcome to IconicDesignsGy GPS Tracker, where real-time vehicle tracking is made easy! We specialize in providing top-of-the-line GPS tracking services for businesses and individuals looking to improve their fleet management and vehicle security. With our state-of-the-art software and hardware, we offer a range of features to help you manage your vehicles and assets with ease.


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A technology known as real-time tracking enables ongoing observation and location-based tracking of objects or people in real-time. It is employed across a number of sectors, including logistics, healthcare, and law enforcement. By giving law enforcement organizations the ability to react swiftly to potential threats, it enables operations to be optimized, delivery times to be shortened, costs to be decreased, and healthcare resources to be readily available when required. GPS and other location-based technologies are used in this technology.


Engine On/Off (EOO) technology keeps track of an engine’s status in real-time, determining whether it is running or not and reporting information on its performance. It is frequently used for fleet management in the transportation sector, giving managers insights into driver behavior and fuel efficiency.


Using GPS, a geofence is built around a physical location using geofencing technology. An alert is triggered, notifying the owner or operator of the GPS tracker, when a GPS tracker with geofencing capabilities enters or leaves the specified geofenced area. This technology is frequently utilized in GPS trackers to keep track of the whereabouts of vehicles, assets, or people as well as to send out alerts in response to certain events, like entering or leaving a particular location.


Users can view historical location information for the tracked person or object using the History Playback feature, which is frequently found in GPS trackers. With the help of this feature, users can replay a tracked object or person’s entire journey on a map, displaying the route they took and the duration of each stop.


A GPS tracker’s overspeed feature lets the user set a top speed limit for the person or thing being tracked. An alert is triggered and the user is informed of the overspeed event when the tracked person or object exceeds the pre-set speed limit.


A GPS tracker feature called remote cutoff lets the user remotely turn off a vehicle’s or other equipment’s engine. This feature enables the user to stop unauthorized use of the vehicle or equipment and is typically used for security reasons or in the event of theft.


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